A PowerPoint presentation on the Ronald Reagan Hologram Portrait.

             Finger language holograms (1978)

CFR at the recording of Cross Reference                 Cross Reference hologram (1978)

"The difference between me and                                Salvador Dali and CFR 

a mad man is that I am not mad"

CFR and Hans Bjelkhagen                            CFR and the Gateaux Gabor setup             Gateaux Gabor  or

with the Gabor cake                                                                                                  Smoke without Fire

                                                                                                                                   Hologram (1978)

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd  (CFR) art holograms

​Information about CFR's early holograms in a paper by Hans Bjelkhagen 

Hologram portrait

President Reagan, Hans Bjelkhagen and Ernest H. Brooks II

Art and Display Holograms

The President Ronald Reagan Portrait Hologram

SPIE paper on how the hologram was recorded at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara,  California, on May 24, 1991