Video demonstration of Lippmann photographs:

Note: Since conventional photography, analogue or digital, cannot record the colours recorded in a Lippmann photograph, only by viewing real Lippmann photographs, one can appreciate the quality of them. It is also difficult to obtain the very high image resolution of Lippmann images when reproducing them. The image resolution is only limited by the Lippmann camera lens used for the recording and not by the recording plate which can resolve about 10000 lines/mm. A Lippmann camera should be equipped with a very high quality lens to take advantage of the ultra-high resolution Lippmann images can record.  

Modern Lippmann Photographs

by Bjelkhagen and Green (recorded between 1995 - 2005)

Old Lippmann Photographs

by Lippmann, Lumière, Neuhauss, & Lehmann recorded between (1891 - 1910)