Holograms on postage stamps have become a new topical subject in philately, and there has been a growing interest among philatelists in collecting such items for many years now. It was 25 years ago

when the first definitive postage stamp with a hologram was issued in Austria in 1988. Since then many countries have issued hologram stamps or souvenir sheets, some of them on more than one occasion. 
Up until 2014 holographic stamps have been issued in approximately 80 countries, and the total number of different postal items containing holograms is estimated at 450 pieces. There was a peak in the number of hologram stamp 
issues at the turn of the 1999/2000 century celebrations. The use of holograms on postage stamps seems to be more of a new and attractive decoration, however, rather than a security device, which role has been adopted by holograms used on credit cards and passports. 

As regards holographic images, quite a few of them are space-related, including, for example, Earth, Moon, Jupiter, Sun, satellites, space crafts, space stations, gamma radiation, and cosmonaut images. Some hologram images are two-channel or animated types of images. A few of the stamp images of the animated type are quite unique, but philatelists are often unaware of this quality, being also, unfortunately, unable to correctly view such stamps. 

Postage Stamps with Holograms

Jonathan Ross in London has already ordered a copy of the book and this is what he mentioned on Facebook 12 April 2014: I can thoroughly recommend this to anyone with an interest in the subject. An incredibly well researched and illustrated book!

First stamp with a hologram

issued 1988 in Austria

Holography and Philately is an extensive publication on holograms on postage stamps and souvenir sheets as well as First Day Covers (FDCs) with cachet holograms, issued world-wide between 1988 and 2014.